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You have a passion for designing and animating “best-in-class” rich media creatives that have a great impact on their audiences? So, don’t wait and join us now in our Bangkok Office.

Job title Motion Graphic Designer
Location Bangkok
Employment type Permanent contrat, 100%
Entry date As soon as possible

Main mission

Inspire Asia Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing digital marketing agency focused on the Southeast Asian markets. With a team of Asian native and Swiss experts, it offers high-quality services (strategy, trading desk, inbound marketing, data intelligence) to major brands who want to strengthen their presence and generate business growth in Southeast Asia.

For our new office located in Bangkok, we are looking for a talented Motion Graphic Designer, with technical skills and an aesthetic eye for motion and compositing, who will help transform concepts and ideas into beautiful masterpieces that will inspire audiences around Asia.

  • Main Tasks

    • Design and develop standard and complex digital content including HTML5 banners, rich media executions, animated GIFs and video executions
    • Develop them using Google Web Designer (HTML5) and trafficking banners on DoubleClick Studio
    • Ensure that the creatives comply with the brand, platform, and licensor guidelines and industry-standard specs

Profile / Skills

    • Thai native or expat
    • Good knowledge of English or French
    • Experienced in building different rich media formats such as banners, expanding, interstitials and lightbox creatives using HTML5, CSS and Javascript
    • Advanced skills in Adobe programs including After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
    • Self-motivated and able to work independently with excellent time management skills and a strong work ethic
    • Possess practical knowledge of brand and digital design
    • Successful team members thrive in a team-based environment, adapt well to a constantly evolving industry, and generally carry positive energy that benefits the greater team

A great place to work

A strong team where every voice counts

At Inspire Asia, we have a holacratic approach and encourage self-organized work, collective decision making, and profit sharing. We value everyone’s initiatives and ideas and encourage our team members to develop the projects that they feel are important to them & the company.

Highly-specialized continuous training

We are always pushing ourselves to be on top of our game and develop our skills. We also think that it is important to share this knowledge with the whole team. We’ll encourage you to learn every day, to follow continuous training, and to always move forward in your key specializations.

Work-life balance & Family-friendly

Work-life balance is part of our DNA. We really trust that our success is also due to the fulfilled personal life of each co-worker and endeavor to do our best to create the most attractive, flexible and family-friendly (especially for those who have children) working conditions.

Apply now

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